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mobile car detailing in St. Louis Missouri

Mobile Car Detailing in STL

Hey! Have you ever thought about starting a mobile auto detailing business? Well, we’ve done it! We are St. Louis Car Detailing, and we detail cars in St. Louis County, MO. If you’re interested in starting your own detailing business, then continue reading! After you finish the guide, would you mind commenting? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Okay, let’s begin! So, what is mobile car detailing? Mobile car detailing is a professional detailing service that brings a car detail directly to your location. Let’s dive in!

Why do people prefer mobile detailing?

St. Louis is home to many mobile car detailing companies! Why? Well, people want the service. In STL, mobile car detailing solves a problem for millions of car owners. Unfortunately, automobiles are an essential for most people in a metropolitan area. Without a vehicle, it’s tough to navigate the city. Although many people have cars in STL, few people have the time to keep their cars clean. In today’s culture, people work long hours and have hectic schedules. After working all day, people don’t have time to clean dirty cars. Thanks to mobile car detailing professionals, people have an affordable option to detail their cars. Typically, busy customers will arrange for the detailing company to clean their vehicle while they work. With mobile car detailing in St. Louis, people don’t have to miss a beat in their busy days.

As the demand for mobile car detailing continues to rise, thousands of people are rushing to start their businesses. Fortunately, it is a tough craft to learn… As experienced detailers, we prefer the auto detailing market stays sparse. Since people can start car detailing services on a shoestring budget, they can operate in no time. Typically, owners enjoy working outdoors in the fresh air. They enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from a hard day’s labor too. Oh, we can’t forget the feeling of a freshly detailed car in St. Louis MO either.

Although learning to detail cars is possible, we recommend having experience washing, waxing, and detailing cars. If you’re interested in starting this business, then experience is a great place to start.

As mobile detailers, we travel to the specific locations of customers. At thier location we wash, wax, and pamper their vehicles. We also clean upholstery, clean carpets, polish chrome, and shine the tires. We advise detailers to be physically fit since need the stamina to work outside for hours. Also, successful auto detailing companies have the drive to work in inclement weather.

The Market for Detailing

There is a vast market for detailing, and it comprises anyone who has a car and the money to pay for services. If you wish to be successful in St. Louis, MO, then you must be creative when building your client base.

We began by placing fliers everywhere! We put fliers on windshields throughout parking lots across STL. We introduced ourselves to HR staff members. Also, we wore bright t-shirts with large company logos!

If you’re near car dealerships, then definitely use them! They are excellent sources for companies looking for new clients. After introducing yourself to the call dealer, you can give them business cards. If they sell cars, then they should put the business cards on the dashboards!

Equipment Needed to Start a Business

After you begin your car detailing business, you will be grateful for the small startup costs! If you own a vehicle, then you already have transportation to detailing jobs! However, you will need some professional equipment to detail cars. Your business will need a wet/dry vacuum, carpet shampooer, and a buffer/polisher.

As for supplies, you’ll need brushes, window cleaner, soap, rags, wax, and leather cleaner. If you’re serious, then you’ll also need a hose, bucket, and a van to haul equipment.