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Should you shampoo your car seats?

In San Diego, people are busy! We tend to over schedule ourselves, so remembering the small things can be tough. If you’ve been really busy, then you’ve probably been neglecting your car. Although clean car seats won’t change your life, they will definitely improve it!

By calling Car Detailing in San Diego, you’ll have clean car seats in just a few minutes! San Diego Auto Detailing is an auto detailing service in San Diego, California. In addition to providing professional car detailing, they offer affordable prices. For just $80, they will detail the interior of your vehicle. At this price, car detailing hasn’t ever been more affordable. 

According to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the average person spends more than 300 hours in their car each year. Obviously, this is a lot of time! So, let’s imagine the dust, dirt, debris, bacteria, and grime in the carpet of your vehicle. If you’re a germ freak, then you’re freaked out about the dirtiness of your vehicle. When we shampoo used cars, we can extract dirt from the car seats for hours. While the seats aren’t as dirty as the car mats, it’s a fairly close race. 

Unfortunately, dirty car seats and carpet aren’t heavily researched by scientists. If dirty cars are particularly bad for human health, then lots of people in San Diego are in trouble. Regardless, it’s not a bad division to shampoo your car seats and car mats just in case. After spending over 12 days a year in our cars, we might as well ensure the interior of our car is clean.